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Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook Fiberglass 24401

Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook six foot Insulated body rescue hook with 18″ opening mounted on a 1 1/4″ insulated fiber glass pole. So it used to rescue injured personnel from Arc Flash incidents and other hazardous situations.

Rescue hooks are an essential electrical safety item for the retrieval of victims from electric shock. So they are commonly found in electrical substations, but now with the growth of electric & hybrid vehicles. They should become common place in vehicle maintenance work shops.

The high voltage rescue hook designed to assist rescue an injured or immobilised person within an energised or exposed high voltage area.  So the user can grasp the person by the waist with the hook and bring them back to a safe zone out side the high voltage area.

  • Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook is a tool is used to rescue an injured person out from hazardous area. So its should kept in workplace.
  • Confined spaces, in vaults, or just near electrical cabinets and switch gear are some of the places where this tool is a must. so its very help full for workers.
  • Featuring a foam filled, fiber glass reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation. And a coated heat treated body hook with an 18 inch opening.
  • The stick is available in the standard lengths of 6 foot lengths. Other lengths are available as a special order.
  • Handle meets the requirements of ASTM F711.
  • Vinyl dipped steel hook with 18 inch fiber glass pole.
  • Because of superior electrical insulation, for rescuing injured personnel from Arc Flash incidents or other hazardous situations.

Brand: Salisburry

Origin: USA.

Item Code: 24401