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Electrical Safety EquipmentHigh Voltage protection Equipment

Duratuf Switchboard Mats (ASTM-D178)

Duratuf switchboard mats that are designed according to the ASTM-D-178 Standard. This standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. So these mattings considered to be highly electrical resistant. They non conductive in nature meant to protect and insulate from deadly shocks caused by high voltage equipment. The ASTM-D-178 Standard endorses a thickness of 3.2mm to 12.7mm for these particular mattings. So it depends upon the smooth lower surface with the usage or working voltage resistance & anti skid textured surface on the top. Also such safety rubber mattings Type-1 Grade are moisture, water & leakage proof that guarantee a long functional work life.


Duratuf Switchboard Mats has been designed for use as electrical safety floor covering in: Electrical Substations, Near HT/LT Control Panels, In Front of Switchboards, Around Buss Bars, Transformer, Generator & Lift Rooms, For Outdoor or Indoor Onsite Work on Live Equipment.

Material Composition:  Elastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of natural rubber and other synthetic polymers.

Mechanical Puncture Resistance: 70 N (min.)

Slip Resistance: 50 N (min.)

Ageing Properties at 70±2°C for 168 hours: Mechanical Puncture Resistance not less than 80% of original value.

Flame Retardance: Does not catch fire.

Low Temperature Test at -25±3°C: No visible tear, crack or break.

Acid Resistance: Mechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value.

Oil Resistance: Mechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value.

Working Temperature: -25°C to 55°C

Origin: India