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High Voltage Rescue Kit Electrical HV-23RK

High Voltage Rescue Kit used for safe rescue of victims of electric shock or other injuries when working on high voltage switch boards in electricity supply and industrial substations. HV is a relatively arbitrary term, so used to refer to electrical energy large enough to cause damage to humans.

High voltage work presents a high hazard level. Also to plan for high voltage work, including isolation and access, you must manage the risks.

High voltage work presents a high hazard level, including:

  • Induction from other circuits and communications equipment such as radio transmitters.
  • A build up of static charge due to weather conditions.
  • Feedback from secondary or tertiary systems.
  • Stored energy in high voltage capacitor banks.
  • Working under or over other live conductors.

Used for

  • Locating and isolating supply.
  • Protecting the rescuer.
  • Retrieving the victim.

High Voltage Rescue Kit Contents in Kit:

  • Salisbury dielectric boot 51509 – 1 Pair
  • Salisbury arc flash helmet with face shield 12 cal AS1200HAT – 1 Pcs
  • Honeywell electrosoft electrical gloves class 4 2091941 – 1 Pair
  • Salisbury insulated rescue hook 24401 – 1 Pcs
  • Salisbury swich board mat class2 1 x 1 yard m36-2 – 1 Yard
  • Kit bag – 1 Pcs
  • Hastings insulated cable cutter with fiber glass handle 10-072 – 1 Pcs

Material Brands: Salisburry & Hasting

Origin: USA