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Protection Hood – AFHOOD Features and Benefits

Salisbury’s Arc Flash Hoods (balaclava) create 360 degree° head and neck protection from arc flash dangers, when used with a AS1000 Series Face shield/Hard Hat/Chin Cup Unit. Each Arc Flash Hood is made from two layers of rib knit material and has an elastic face opening that maintains its shape and size.

The AFHOOD10 has an ATPV rating of 10 cal/cm2. The AFHOOD15 has an ATPV rating of 15 cal/cm2. The AFHOOD20 has an ATPV rating of 20 cal/cm2. Both the AFHOOD28FF and the AFHOOD28EO have an ATPV rating of 28 cal/cm2. All are made from FR materials.

CAUTION: Arc Flash Hoods must be worn in combination with a face shield in order to comply with the requirements of NFPA 70E and will protect 360o inside the arc flash boundary.

Product Options Available

SKU Name Description
AFHOOD10 Protection Hood – AFHOOD10 10 cal/cm2 protection
AFHOOD15 Protection Hood – AFHOOD10 15 cal/cm2 protection
AFHOOD20 Protection Hood – AFHOOD10 20 cal/cm2 protection
AFHOOD28FF Protection Hood – AFHOOD10 28 cal/cm2 protection
AFHOOD28EO Protection Hood – AFHOOD10 28 cal/cm2 protection, 2-eye hood

Brand: Salisbuburry