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MSA Altair Single Gas Detector

MSA Altair Single Gas Detector designed for superior lifespan patented sensors operate for over two years and high performance. So the ALTAIR Single Gas Detector is the smart choice for market leading, cost effective gas monitors.

Features sensor options for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen coupled with LED/audible / vibrating alarms.

Superior dust/water protection, high RFI resistance, and one button operation provide heightened safety, plus increased durability and ease of use.


  • MSA Altair Single Gas Detector unit detects O2, ClO2, HCN and PH3.
  • Gas concentration (chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine) or percent oxygen displayed on a large, clear, backlit LCD.
  • Automatically records the last 50 alarm/test events while simultaneously recording peak gas readings. So low O2 readings every three minutes in a periodic data log.
  • User can read data or change alarm set points by connecting unit to MSA Link. (via built in IR communication port).
  • Adjustable alarm set points.
  • No miss quad alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, LCD notification and an internal vibrating alarm.
  • Rubberized armor housing and one button operation for maximum durability and simplicity.
  • Easy alarm check, bump check, fresh air zero and calibration.
  • Easily replaceable batteries and sensors.

Item Code & Instrument Function:

Instrument Type


Low Alarm

High Alarm



Oxygen (O2) 10074137 19.50 % 23.00% N/A N/A
Carbon monoxide (CO) 10074135 25ppm 100ppm 100ppm 25ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO) fire 10076723 25ppm 100ppm 100ppm 25ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO) steel 10076724 75ppm 200ppm 200ppm 75ppm
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 10074136 10ppm 15ppm 15ppm 10ppm
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) 10076729 4.7ppm 10ppm 10ppm 4.7ppm
Chlorine (CL2) 10076716 0.5ppm 1.0 ppm 1.0ppm .05ppm
Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) 10076717 0.1ppm 0.3ppm 0.3ppm 0.1ppm
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 10076736 2.0ppm 5.0ppm 5.0ppm 2.0ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 10076731 2.0ppm 5.0ppm 5.0ppm 2.0ppm
Ammonia (NH3) 10076730 25ppm 50ppm 35ppm 25ppm
Phosphine (PH3) 10076735 0.3ppm 1.0ppm 1.0ppm 0.3ppm
Oxygen remote (O2-R) 10076736 19.50% 23.00% N/A N/A