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Altair 4X Multi Gas Detector

 Altair 4X Multi gas Detector (LEL, O2, CO, H2S) Phosphorescent by MSA

Altair 4X Multi gas Detector with MSA XCell Sensor Technology manufactured by MSA. It is a vision of safety and stability offering the very best technology in deadly gas detection.

Workers in potentially dangerous situations can rely on the multigas detector to meet their unique needs. With a commitment to safety and excellence, the multigas detector offers a number of unique and exclusive features.


Inside the Altair 4X with MSA XCell Sensor Technology, but users will find the most advanced technology in lifesaving multigas detection systems. MSA XCell Sensors have a lifespan of double the industry average and is a breakthrough in mechanical sensor design. So the sensors’ reliability and accuracy ensure that user will spend less time and money on calibration and bump tests. Most importantly, the sensors’ accuracy and fast response times can mean the difference between life and death.

The typical lifespan of the detector is greater than 4 years. And its state of the art design ensures that the detector with advanced sensor technology will outlive poisons and other hazards. The life sensors will also give warnings and alert the user when the unit’s sensor is reaching the end of its life.

The Altair 4X with MSA XCell have two types of alert, that are Motion Alert and Instant Alert. When a user becomes immobile for more than 30 seconds, so the sensor will activate and sends alerts to immobile user’s location. In other situations, users may find Instant Alert necessary in order to alert others of a potentially dangerous situation. With simply a push of a button, a user can manually warn others of possible hazardous conditions.

At slightly under 8 ounces, the Altair 4X Detector XCell Sensor Technology is light weight and easy to carry. Rechargeable li polymer batteries with a 24 hour lifespan. And standard 3 year warranties to ensure that users have the most sophisticated, so it is a reliable product on the market.

Because of using an Altair 4X Detector XCell Sensor Technology can save time, money and lives.  With advanced safety features, state of the art sensors, tough exteriors, extended warranties, and incredible durability.

Brand: MSA

Item Code: 10107603