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First Aid BoxFirst Aid Safety



    The medical kit supplies enough to handle 25 people when fully stocked. It is optimally filled with many necessary first aid products for the most common minor accidents. The metal case adds durability to prevent damage on the outside and also protects products on the inside. The thin design allows it to be stored anywhere you need like in a drawer, on a table, in a cabinet, or anywhere else that is convenient. In addition, it is wall mountable, which is the perfect way to save space and keep it in one location.

  • Durable metal construction for added reliability and protection
  • Fully stocked with bandages, wipes, pain relief, scissors, pads, ointment, tweezers, tape, and more
  • Includes 18 different items total
  • Kit covers up to 25 people
  • Commonly used for small offices and other non-aggressive work environments
  • Wall mountable to save space and to maintain a secured location for the kit