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First Aid SafetyRescue Emergency Stretcher

Disposable Emergency Stretcher Allied Healthcare Life Lite


Disposable Emergency Stretcher Allied Healthcare Life Lite

Emergency stretcher product is designed for safe immobilization of injury victims. So provide emergency medical technicians with a durable and cost effective means of patient extrication and transportation.

Features Of Emergency Stretcher

  • Low cost and easy usable.
  • Supports up to 500 lbs.
  • 10 Large hand holds for easy carrying.
  • Weight is 4.5 lbs, so making for easy transportation to hard to reach areas.
  • Flexible PVC and corrugated plastic construction.
  • Constructed of strong corrugated plastic.
  • Because of its construction and low cost, the LIFE+LITE can be easily dispose to recycled or clean and use again.
  • Easy to store, so ideal for disaster management and Hazmat preparations.
  • 72 X 22 X 1 Inch at the handle.
  • Case of 5 pices.

Brand: Allied Healthcare.

Item Code: L724005.