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Finger Saver


Mitigate the risks and start using the finger saver today.

Never put your hands or fingers in an area where they could get injured.

Every day in many industries, people are sustaining hand and finger injuries that are preventable. Using the correct safety device should be an essential part of everyday life.

If you are working in areas where objects could hit you on the head, you would wear a hard hat. If your eyes are at risk from foreign objects or wind blown particles, you would wear safety glasses.

Why Use The FingerSaver?

  • Having missing fingers?
  • The pain and damage you can cause yourself?
  • Imagine not being able to tie your own shoe laces?
  • Imagine not being able to sign your name?
  • Because you should want to avoid ALL of the above.

Sizes available & Model Name

295mm – COMPACT

375mm – STANDERD

850mm – LONG