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Ceramic Road Stud – High Visible

Material: Ceramic (Without Reflection)
Dimension: 10 cm X 10 cm
Colors Available: Yellow & White

> Ceramics road stud is composed of high-temperature processing porcelain base and glazed surface.
> Good impact resistance.
> Ceramics road stud glazed finish protects against weathering especially during rain, excellent day time visibility, available in high visibly white or yellow
> A well-gripped bottom helps them easily installed with epoxy resin

Consist of a heat-fired ceramic base and a heat-fired glazed surface to produce the properties. Ceramic markers” glazed finish protects against weathering, especially during rain, excellent day time visibility.Non-reflective ceramic road markers are used mainly on roads and streets inside cities where street lighting are available. Unlike road markings, paints which are subject to soiling ceramic road markers retain their colors and are soil-resistant.The rumble effect of the raised ceramic markers deters drivers from running over it and gives a warning to drivers straying out of a lane.

Being consist of a heat-fired, vitreous, ceramic base and a heat-fired, opaque, glazed surface
> Glazed finish protecting against bad weather especially raining
> Excellent day time visibility

Origin: China