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Ultratech-Sidewinder Cable Protection System®

Protect cords and cables and avoid dangerous tripping hazards

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The Risk of Fire

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – “Electrical cords should not be run under carpets or rugs, as the wires can be damaged by foot traffic, then overheat and ignite the carpet or rug over them.”
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – “Never cover any part of an extension cord with… rugs… while in use (and) never place an extension cord where it is likely to be damaged by heavy furniture or foot traffic.”
  • U.S. Fire Administration – “Many avoidable electric fires can be traced to misuse of electric cords, such as… running the cords under rugs or in high traffic areas.”

The Ultra-Sidewinder eliminates the fire hazard associated with electrical cords as its rigid structure keeps the cord from being impacted and maintains the integrity of the insulation that keeps the wires from shorting out.

The Risk of Injury or Damage

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that each year, about 2,000 fractures, lacerations, contusions, or sprains are treated in hospital emergency rooms from people tripping over extension cords.  (CPSC Document #16)
  • Tripping on cords is due to three possible conditions.  The Ultra-Sidewinder provides trip protection from these conditions:
  1. It protects from trips when you step on a round cord and it rolls under your foot.   The rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding when stepped on.
  2. It protects you if you kick the cord.  A cord that does not move when kicked creates a trip hazard.  The Ultra-Sidewinder is designed to give when kicked to minimize the hazard.
  3. Cords can loop up and not sit flat on the floor.  This creates an opening for one’s foot to get hooked into and cause a trip or fall.  The Ultra-Sidewinder covers the cords and eliminates this concern