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Personal Protective EquipmentSafety Eye Wash & Shower




Portable eyewash 7501 can be used in field of Petroleum, Chemical, Laboratory, Medical Treatment etc., and flushing the chemistry liquid sputtered eye and face rapidly, so reduce the level of injury to the minimum.

Main Performance:

Material: High density polyester, pro-environment and safety.

Capacity: The maximum reserve is 30L(8 gallon), workable is 20L availably, ensure flushing for 15 minute.

Water injection hole: wide water injection hole and apt to inject water, have dust cover.

Color: pro-environment green, aesthetic and striking.

Water flow: Due to change diameter on the water hole, so more bonhomie and enrich , water yield is not lower than 1.5L/minute.


Located near happen accident place, see easily and usage conveniently. Can install wall or bracket, or can use with go-cart, mounting height is installation schematic diagram; when open the eye wash arm, the sprayer should be 83.8cm~114.3cm above ground.


1.      After occur accident, must guide injured person to the nearest place of eyewash installation immediately, avoid long time to not wash;

2.      Pull down eye wash arm placidly, so open to spray ;

3.      When wash eyes, open eyes wholly, sufficient wash ,the wash time is not less than 15 minutes ;

4.      After wash, need medical treatment forward.


1.      Portable Eyewash 7501 should be check periodically, look at water flow if minify and need water;

2.      Adopt preventive action to prevent water tank’s pollution, as follows: A: add suitable bacteriostat, after evacuate water and wash, then top up purified water, add defined amount bacteriostat;

B: if your choice washing fluid is purified water, should replace periodically (change period general is 5~7 days), every month must wash once at least;


1. The best salve should safety protection preliminary, when you or your colleagues are proceed dangerous goods operation, please wear above equipments to make comprehensive defending: safety goggles, veil, protective gloves, chemical splash suit and so on.

2. If eyes enter alkalinity or acidity solution, first should use corresponding eyewash ,then wash repetition by eyewash or medical assistance;

3. On the working environment or environmental hazard, suggest add some measure of appropriative eyewash concentrate, can relief eyes harm, at the same time also lengthen liquid time .

4. Suggest install indoor ,the environmental temperature is 2ºC ~35ºC .

Brand: Zoyet

Origin: China

Item Code: 7501