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Fire and SafetyFire Extinguisher

YELLOW TAMPER SEAL (100 Pcs, Plastic, Numbered)


Tamper seal is self-locking disposable safety locks fire extinguisher tags that are widely used in a lot of areas. Airline cargo, bank, postal, clothes, shoes, bags, courier services, garden forest trees, hospital & clinical waste management, warehouses, dining car, luggage and apparel, logistical service, valves, and piping, voting box are the common industrial areas that use tamper seals/tags. The waterproof numbering on the tags is done with laser printing that never fades. Made up of plastic to increase the durability of the product

Yellow Tamper Seal Locking Mechanism

Pull the tail end through the circle hole in the opposite end. Once used, they cannot be opened later. To open the tamper seal we have to cut it. Check the video


Type: Adjustable

Material: Plastic

Color: Yellow

Advantage: Secure sealing, firmness, easy locking, good insulation, durable



1. High-Quality Material

2. Self-locking

3. Adjustable Length

4. One-time seal

5. Multi-Purpose


Package: 100 pieces per packet