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Co2 Fire Extingusher 2 to 6 kg Firex


Co2 Fire Extingusher 2 to 6 kg Firex

  • Co2 Fire Extinguishers are generally for industrial fires.
  • Ideal agent for class B, C & E fires.
  • Co2 is electrically non conductive, so safe for fires in electrically powered equipment.
  • Co2 gas does not deteriorate with storage or freeze in container.
  • Purity of our C02 gas reaches 99.98%
  • Valve made from brass provided with safety release valve.
  • Co2 extinguishers are made of seamless carbon steel materials to with stand high storage pressure.
  • Snow horn with built in nozzle specially designed to fit our valve to give the most efficient fire suppression.
  • After use, Co2 disperses with out leaving any contamination or corrosive residue
  • Co2 is colourless gas which reduces the oxygen of the air around the fire.
  • Approved by UAE Civil Defence.
  • Manufactured according to International Standards.
  • Available in black and red colour.
  • Other capacity of cylinders can supplied upon request.

Brand: Firex

Origin: UAE