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Ultratech Mini Foam Wall 57 Liter Portable Bund 8850

Ultratech Mini Foam Wall 57 liter Portable Bund  is oftentimes about capturing the really large, catastrophic, environment altering spills. And many of our products designed to capture those kinds of spills. But the nuisance leaks and drips can cause problems of their own. Even just a few gallons spilled in a sensitive area could cause major problems. Even if it’s a small leak that results in an hour lost in clean up, that hour is much better spent elsewhere.

Ultratech Mini Foam Wall 57 liter Portable Bund also known as duck ponds are designed for quick response to smaller leaks, drips, and spills. Their compact size and foldability make them easy to store and transport but they also have a fair amount of capacity to capture spilled or leaked fluids.

  • Manufactured from heavy duty PVC.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility. So its better fore store chemicals.
  • Foam side walls provide support, but can be driven over to allow access.
  • Compact and easy to deploy in the event of a spill.
  • Easily folded and secured with attached strap after use for storage. So its easy to keep safely in work area after use.
  • Dimensions of the mini form wall is length x width x height 600 mm x 600 mm x 152 mm.
  • Containment capacity is 57 litres.
  • Heavy duty 18 oz. PVC construction provides excellent chemical compatibility.
  • Weight 1.5 kgs.

Applications of Ultratech Mini Foam Wall 57 liter Portable Bund

  • Capturing leaks under trucks and other vehicles on site.
  • Storage pad for equipment or liquid containers, cans or drums.
  • Containment for fuel transfers from tank to truck.
  • Maintenance or repairs done on equipment in the field.
  • Spill containment for batteries, compressors and small drums.
  • Spill containment for small power genarator.
Brand: Ultratech

Item Code: 8850

Color: Yellow

Origin: USA