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Spill ContainmentSpill Tray

Spill Tray 20 liter Capacity with Platform Grid FL-205-516


Spill Tray 20 liter capacity with platform grid are secondary containment products to contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage. Spill trays serve as a slip-proof platform on which various containers or drums can be easily stored.

Drip trays provide temporary storage for containers and drums. They are useful for preventing drips and small leaks onto the ground, mainly in operational areas where chemicals and small amounts of fuel or oil are needed.

  • Poly spill tray with non-slip platform grid designed for containing minor leaks and spills and storing small drums and containers.
  • Manufactured from UV, chemical resistant non-corroding polyethylene.
  • Dimensions length x width x height 600 mm x 400 mm x 155 mm.
  • Capacity 20 liters.
  • Weight 3 kgs.

Brand: Fosse Liquitrol

Origin: UK

Item Code: FL-205-516