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Infinity 8, 1-8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panels

The Infinity 8 is housed in an attractive modern enclosure and boasts 4 sounder circuits (4-8 zone versions only), a switch mode power supply and space for up to 3 Ah batteries.


The Infinity Control Panel has 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 detection circuits (or zones). 1 & 4 zone panels have 2 sounder circuits, whilst 4, 6 & 8 zone panels have 4 in total.

The front cover and termination PCB should be removed before installation and stored in a safe place to avoid damage. Mount the Infinity control panel where the controls may be seen and operated without difficulty, where it is accessible for maintenance and at a suitable point of access for the fire services. Ensure that the panel will be clean, dry and free from vibration and temperature excess.

This equipment must be installed and maintained by a qualified & technically competent person and an understanding of Fire Systems installation & BS5839 is assumed. For more detailed instructions and further details please visit www.discountfiresupplies.co.uk.

PowerInfinity Power 2

The 240V AC Mains supply wiring should be fire resistant, between 1mm² & 2.5mm², fed from a double-pole isolating & fused (3A) spur. This should be secure from unauthorized operation and marked “Fire Alarm: Do Not Switch Off”.

The mains supply must be exclusive to the fire panel and the cable should be routed away from the other cables as it enters the control panel adjacent to the mains terminal block
on the right hand side.

Depending on panel load and standby requirements, two 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries (max 3.4Ah) may be fitted in the housing. The batteries should be wired in series (24V) using the supplied link-wire. Take care not to short circuit the battery terminals.

System Wiring

All wiring must be installed to meet BS5839: Pt1: 2013, BS 7671 and other regional standards & legislation. This must be in 2-core 1.5mm2 screened fire resistant cable for each circuit. The cable screen must be terminated and connected to Earth at the control panel only, connected through at all other positions, and protected with PVC earth sleeving to avoid unwanted earth connections.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
IN1 Infinity 1 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel Datasheet

Installation Manual

User Manual

IN2 Infinity 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
IN4 Infinity 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
IN6 Infinity 6 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
IN8 Infinity 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Additional Info

Detection Wiring Zone

Infinity Detection Zone Wiring

Sounder Circuit Wiring

Sounder Circuit Wiring