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Road Hump Cable Protector


Road Hump Cable Protector

Rubber cable protector the engineering department, the exhibition company, through the construction of the power company line view, residential road cable, stage, studio, outdoor venues, cultural groups and other choice indispensable supply supporting security device for you when wiring to bring safety confirmation, protect cable trunking Browse effect.


  • Pressure performance is good, safe and convenient, and aesthetic appearance.
  • Rubber insulation trough strong performance, voltage 2000V or more, to avoid the risk of current leakage of electric shock.
  • Rubber trough over.
  • over slot .
  • The rubber over the line board a major role for the protection of wire and cable. To avoid being damaged vehicles and other heavy objects. Insulation, oil, anti-corrosion.
  • easy to use, simple to install. Particularly suitable for use in an emergency.

Uses: used in engineering exhibition companies, power companies through the construction line view, play a protective role in line view.

In public areas: roads, assembly, squares, parks, sporting events, museums, exhibition halls, airport runways, temporary security checkpoint, outdoor media broadcast live;

Commercial areas: shopping malls, arena, exhibition hall, business conference site;

Industrial Area: factories, workshops, assembly line, console equipment, construction sites.

Sizes Available: 2 cable slot, 3 cable slot and 5 cable slot

Material: high quality rubber, PVC (anti-voltage, more secure, pressure)

Color: Yellow/Black

Origin: China