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Electrical Lockout Kit Lockey LG07

Electrical Lockout Kit is a set of equipment used for performing lock out procedures on hazardous equipment. Lockout refers to the act of placing locks on a piece of equipment to render it inoperable or to isolate it from other equipment.

A lock out kit typically comes with multiple different types of locks. As well as identification tags that provide workers with a method of referencing information about the hazards associated with the locked out equipment.

  • Electrical Lockout Kit is an industrial selection of lock out or tag out devices.
  • For locking off all kinds of circuit breakers,switches, etc.
  • All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag.
  • Tool bag size: 16 inches.

The kit components as shown below:

  1. Lock out bag (LB02) – 1pc
  2. Safety padlock (P38S) – 2pcs
  3. Short shackle laminated padlock (LP01) – 1pc
  4. Long shackle laminated padlock (LP05) – 1pc
  5. Lock out hasp (SH01) – 1pc
  6. Lockout hasp (SH02) – 1pc
  7. POS,PIS,POW each – 1pc
  8. Breaker lock out (CBL01) – 1pc
  9. Breaker lock out (CBL02) – 1pc
  10. Circuit breaker lock out (CBL11) – 1pc
  11. Circuit breaker lock out (CBL12) – 1pc
  12. Small plug lock out (EPL01) – 1pc
  13. Large plug lock out (EPL02) – 1pc
  14. Switch button lock out (SBL01) – 1pc
  15. Switch button lock out (SBL03) – 1pc
  16. Air source lock out (ASL02) – 1pc

Brand: Lockey

Origin: China

Part No.: LG07