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Acid Spill Neutralizer Pail 22.7 Kgs FL-12-203

Acid Spill Neutralizer Pail 22.7 Kgs

  • Vytac ACX powder quickly and efficiently neutralizes concentrated acid spills.
  • The neutralizationreaction generates harmless gases.
  • For maximum safety, ACX contains an indicator system that will show when the spill completely neutralized.
  • Once the chemical has neutralized the powder can disposed off as general waste.
  • Water should be used to dilute before attempting to neutralize some concentrated acids e.g., hydro fluorosilic, phosphoric and sulphuric acids.
  • Weight 22.7 kg.

Brand: Vytac.

Item Code: FL-12-203

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.


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Vytac ACX Powder MSDS