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Spill ContainmentSpill Pallet - Drum & IBC

Spill Pallet Four Drum (4 Drum) FL-205-112


4 Drum spill pallet  

Drum Spill Palletare focused more on the prevention part of spillages. They create a secure and durable platform that can efficiently handle various ‘prone to spilling’ fluids like oils, chemicals, etc. Spill pallets ideally hold the drums containing the risky fluids.

  • Manufactured from non-corroding polyethylene, resistant to a wide range of chemicals and oils.
  • Features a removable grid to enable easy cleaning.
  • Fully stack-able as the grid can be removed and each spill pallet nested inside the other.
  • Dimensions length x width x height 1460 x 1460 x 305 mm.
  • Sump capacity 249 liters.
  • Weight 34 kgs.
  • Dynamic Load : 1250 kg.
  • Fully compliant with the current UK Oil Storage Regulations.

Brand: Fosse Liquitrol

Origin: United Kingdom

Item Code: FL-205-112