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Spill Kit SOPEP 95 Gallon (3 Barrel) UL-1095-SOPEP

Spill Kit SOPEP 95 gallon premium fabric marine spill kit. An sopep kit comes with the necessary items to counteract and stop the spilled oil from creating a larger undesirable effect on the ships and in case of waters, spreading to a wider range. Colour coding helps with easy identification in an emergency, so sopep absorbents are in white color.

  • Suitable for use on cargo vessels and small oil tankers for clearing up incidental spills that may occur during operations.
  • Contents include: 125 Pcs x Oil absorbent pads 50 cm X 40 cm,  4 No’s x Oil absorbent net booms 12 cm x 3 meter, 4 Pcs x Oil absorbent cushion 30 cm x 35 cm, 1 Can x Deck cleaning solution 1 gallon, 5 x pairs of Disposable gloves, 1  Pcs x Safety Goggles, 6 No’s x yellow disposal bags with ties,  1 Pair x PVC boot,  and 1 No’s x laminated contents and instruction sheet.
  • Supplied in a 95 Gallon overpack drum.
  • Absorbency capacity 95 Gallon.
  • Complies with the Marpol Convention standards.
  • Spill Kit SOPEP 95 gallon premium fabric absorbency capacity is 95 gallon.
  • Complies with the Marpol Convention standards.
  • Supplied as a complete kit in a 95 gallon over pack bin that allows it to be positioned wherever required.

Brand: Ultrtech (Overpack)

Origin: USA

Item Code: UL-1095-SOPEP