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Spill kit Oil&Fuel Economy 240 Liter BM-SKE-O240

Spill kit Oil&Fuel Economy 240 liter  wheeled bin economy type spill kit is ideal for dealing with intermediate sized spills of oil based liquids including fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon based products. Color coding helps with easy identification in an emergency, so chemical absorbents are in white color.

Spill kit Oil&Fuel Economy 240 liter consists of cost effective absorbents that manufactured from Spounbond Fabric. Ideal for all workplace spills and leaks. The spill kit is supplied as a full kit in a poly pack that allows it to be positioned wherever required.

Spill Kit Content

  • 1 No’s 240 Liter Wheeled Bin Yellow.
  • 100 Pcs – 50 cm x 40 cm Spaunbond Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads.
  • 8 No’s – 1.2 Meter x 7.6 cm Spaunbond Economy Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sock.
  • 8 No’s – 25 cm x 20 cm Spaunbond Economy Oil & Fuel Absorbent Cushion.
  • 3 No’s Yellow Disposal Bags & Tie.
  • 1 pair of Disposable Nitrile Gloves.
  • 1 No’s Goggles Splash Resistant.
  • Content Sheet.
  • Spill Kit Label.


  • For spills of oil based liquids.
  • Complies fully with BS 7959 and ISO 9001:2008 standards and Fully mobile spill kit for efficient and effective clean up.
  • Kit contains absorbents for use on everyday leaks and spills.
  • Item Code: BM-SKE-O240
  • Brand: Bullman
  • Origin: India