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Lockout Station & KitLockout Tagout Devices

Open Lockout Station Yellow LS23

Open Lockout Station are hard wearing, user friendly wall stations that offer the ultimate storage space for large facilities and for multiple departmental use. Lockout / Tagout stations are used to store Lockout Tagout equipment securely and in one place.

Open Lockout Station contain many of the needed safety supplies to help personnel stay prepared, safe, and in compliance. Accidents can occur anytime, and employees need to have the necessary tools secure and available whenever needed.

Generally, without a lockout board, equipment such as padlocks, hasps, tags etc. will be stored in various locations within the workplace which can cause disorder, especially in smaller facilities. Lockout Boards are an ideal way of storing lockout tagout equipment easily and in a visible location.

  • Made from ABS, strong and durable.
  • OEM service supported.
  • The overall size: 380 mm (W) × 380 mm (H) × 10 mm (D).
  • Include 32 red padlock 38 mm with double key.
  • Padlock and key are numbered.   So it will help to identify.
  • Our Lockout Stations come in various sizes and shapes and hold everything from hasps to padlocks.
  • Wall mounted drsign fitted with screw.

Part No.



Hold 20-32 pcs padlocks

Brand: Lockey

Origin: China

Item Code: LS23