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Safety Eye Wash & Shower



Key Features

Durable, open-face design Wall Stations hold bottles firmly in place with easy access to bottles in an emergency to provide immediate flushing until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device. They offer high visibility in a hazard area and are readily available for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes, face and body. Each system is designed for easy “snap-out” access to Eyewash or Body flush bottles. Wall Stations mount easily with provided fasteners. Integral overhang protects bottles from dust and debris to minimize maintenance requirements. Durable plastic is easy to clean. All wall stations include Personal Eyewash or Body flush. Extended flow opening provides longer flow rate than conventional bottles.



  • ANSI Z358.1 – ANSI Z358.1 (Supplemental Equipment)
Dimensions 19″ x 14″ x 4″ (Double), 12 1/4″ x 14″ x 4″(Single)
Solution Sealed, sterile, bottles contain Eyesaline® — a buffered, saline solution superior to tap water for emergency eye care.
Bottle Construction Blow-fill-seal bottle are tamper resistant, yet easily removed in an emergency.
Bottle Material / Features Ensured quality and lasting value with FDA grade polyethylene bottles featuring lot numbers and expiration dates.
Bottle Manufacturing Eyesaline® bottles proudly made in the USA
Expiration Bottle have 36 month shelf life from date of manufacturing.

Item Code: Single Station. 32-000461-0000, Double Station.32-000461-0020