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FIRE HOSE REEL (3/4 Inch Reel, 19mm Hose, Manual Fixed Type)


Fire hose reel is a fire protection equipment that helps to access and control the amount of water to combat a fire risk that falls under Class A. With a copper alloy nozzle at the end of the 19mm hose, the firefighter can control the direction and the flow. This high-quality fire hose reel is widely used around schools, movie theatres, warehouses, etc.


1. Manual fixed type

2. Length: 30m

3. Make according to the GB6246-2001 and CNCA-09C-045:2011 standards

JPS series fire hose reel is a indoor fixed type fire protection equipment. This is a first choice for fire safety equipment in shopping malls, hotels, stockrooms and houses, etc.

Fire Hose Reel Specifications
Model & Specification Rated Working Pressure Jetting Test Pressure Jetting Range Flow Hose Inner Diameter Hose Length
(Mpa) (Mpa) (M) (L/min) (mm) (m)
JPS0.8-19/20 0.8 0.4 ≥6 ≥24 19 20
JPS0.8-19/25 25


Guideline To Roll The Hose On Reel:

(1) First of all keep the hose straight on the ground.

(2) Fold the hose in half laying flat on the ground so that the couplings are together one above the other. One half is now laying flat on top of the other half.

(3) Roll the hose on the reel, beginning at the folded end that does not contain the couplings. You should end with a nozzle and a female coupling.

(4) Attach female coupling to water source so hose is ready for immediate use. Hose must be unrolled  before water valve is opened.