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Chemical AbsorbentSpill Absorbents

CHEMICAL SOCK 1200 X 100MM SC-09-301


  • Yellow chemical absorbent sock ideal for use as a barrier to encircle a spill or placed around the base of drums and machinery to absorb any nuisance leaks or drips
  • Suitable for absorbing aggressive fluids including acids and alkalis
  • Strong tubular knitted outer fabric sleeve allows for durability, expansion and improved speed of absorption
  • Filled with a super absorbent polymer that retains any liquids absorbed
  • The absorbent core is secured into the sock at each end with a stitched seam
  • Dimensions length x diameter 1200 x 100mm
  • Absorbency per sock 4 litres
  • Pack quantity 20
  • Packaging bag
  • Brand: Fosse Liquitrol
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Item Code: SC-09-301