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Using infrared technology to see through smoke and darkness, Bullard Thermal Imagers help firefighters find victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers before they cause injuries and deaths. Bullard Thermal Imagers have a proven track record among firefighters worldwide, due to the specialized training, service and advanced technology that accompany our products.

Product: Bullard T4X
Article No.: 90177BD376
  • Ultra-High resolution 320 x 240 detector
  • Super Red Hot colorization highlights heat conditions
  • Electronic Thermal Throttle isolates heat sources
  • Oversized, 4.3″ Diagonal TFT Active Matrix
  • 16 x 9 aspect ratio
  • 50º horizontal field of view
  • 80º display viewing angle
  • Over 1100°F saturation temperature
  • 2x and 4x digital zoom
  • Zoom in for hazardous materials, wildfire or search and rescue
  • Works with Electronic Thermal Throttle and Super Red Hot